Sourcing Expertise


Our location in the heart of Saint Emilion's vineyards ensures a comprehensive, responsive approach to sourcing that is perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Our tasting team conducts weekly research and comparative tastings across a very strict selection of the best value for money wines tailored to each market.


Logistics Expertise


We offer our customers a high performance logistics service that enables:

  • rationalization of costs (grouping of different Bordeaux wines and/or wines from other regions)
  • complete security with systematic monitoring and quality assurance.

We also offer maritime and air transport solutions all over the world.


Business Development Expertise


Our goal is not only to select the right wines at the right prices, and to deliver them into the hands of our customers in perfect condition, but also, and above all, to work closely with our customers and provide support with the launch of new products (events, marketing plans) and with the development and long-term maintenance of sales (merchandising studies, creation of catalogues etc.).



Our team is made up of experienced, highly motivated professionals who are always in search of that rare pearl.


Communication, transparency, integrity and respect for mutual values play a vital role in the way we work with our partners on a daily basis, from customers and wine properties to brokers and other service providers.


Our priority is to build strong, long-term relationships.


Every day we strive to remain aware of our customer's needs, and to respond to them as quickly and as efficiently as possible.